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Summer Development Camp Program

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Summer Development Camp Program


Team Elite Martial Arts


Camp is on August 1st - 4th 2024, Team Elite Martial Arts will commence an overnight Development Camp over the long weekend of August.

Our overnight summer camps give campers a classic camp experience! Our camp taking place at the Chippawa Creek Conservation Area offers a beautiful waterfront, over 148 Hectares of hiking trails, and so much more for overnight campers to explore. In small groups, campers will have the opportunity to make memories and develop lifelong friendships. Our counselling staff consists of caring role models devoted to creating magical memories for each of their campers.

At overnight camp, campers will experience the best of what Camp TEMA has to offer, as they train Martial Arts, swim, canoe, kayak, do arts and crafts, land sports, and connect with the natural world! Each night our evening programs offer bursts of creative fun – whether it’s a Pokémon themed capture the flag or a Halloween themed dance, evening program transports our camp to new worlds!

Camp TEMA provides a fun-filled summer experience for all our campers, but we strive to go above and beyond in all that we do.


With a focus on leadership and connecting campers to the natural world, our campers learn to build connections with the communities around them. Our staff help campers to develop skills of teamwork, communication, collaboration, initiative, leadership, self-confidence, and so much more. Our low staff ratio (5 campers to 1 staff) means that campers receive plenty of individual attention each day, and that they can be known on an individual basis. Many of our campers return year after year to our camping community, their home away from home!

We offer a variety of 3 day 3 night camp sessions, so campers who are new to camp can give things a test-run before jumping into future sessions. 


FAQ’s for Team Elite Martial Arts Development Camp Program

How do I register for the Summer Development Camp?

Please begin by downloading the Application Forms & the Behaviour Contract. Once you have those completed, please email them to in a pdf format, as a scanned document or in person. In order to save your reserve your space we will require full payment for the camp(s) you wish to attend. We have limited space available for our camps so please register early to save and guarantee your attendance.

When is the Summer Development Camp Program?

The Summer Development Camp program runs August 1st - 4th 2024. The Summer Development Camp program will only during these designated dates.

Do I need to be a martial artist to attend the camp?

No, you do not need to be a martial artist to attend the camp. Martial arts are one of the things that can be adapted to any situation in life. Having no experience what so ever would make the experience just that more exciting to witness and become part of it. If you are not sure about your martial arts journey, please sign up for the camp and see what its about!

What should I send with my child to the Day Camp Program?

We strongly recommend that you send your child with the following items. We will have essential items that will be require and will be marked with and asterisk (*)


  • *Sleeping Bag 

  • *Pillow 

  • Ground mat/sleeping pad

  • *Thick Socks 

Camping / Outdoor Essentials

  • *Flashlight & necessary batteries

  • *Water Bottle

  • *Insect repellant with 30%Deet (Off-Deep Woods & Muskol are great brands)

  • *Sun Screen (at least spf 50)

  • Sun Glasses

Clothes and Shoes

We Check the weather forecast periodically to ensure that we are having the best experience as possible but as you know the weather man is always correct! As such we will have large outdoor tents in the event that we have less than favourable weather to ensure that we remain as dry as possible. 

Bring clothes made of quick-drying, moisture-wicking materials. Here are some ideas for where to start.

Bring clothes for 3 days only. Pack as light as necessary as your child will have to carry their items.

  • *Back pack/Duffle bag

  • *Socks

  • *Underwear

  • *Sports bra

  • *Short-sleeved shirts

  • *Long-sleeved shirts and a sweater/hoodie

  • *Shorts (to be worn under pants to allow everyone to change at any given time)

  • *Pants

  • *Cozy layers to sleep in

  • *Winter jacket or puffy jacket

  • *Rain jacket

  • Rain pants

  • *Wide-brimmed sun hat

  • *Bathing suit

  • *Toque

  • *Gloves

  • *Sturdy shoes or boots (waterproof is a good idea)

  • *Sandals/flip flops (for shower stall)

Personal Items

Martial Arts Equipment

  • *Sparring Gear (you will not be allowed to sparr if you do not have a formed mouth guard)

  • *Club Uniform

  • *Demonstration Weapons (for those who train with weapons)

Extra Stuff

Is there transportation provided?

Transportation will be provided from Team Elite Martial Arts 1047 Barton Street East to Chippawa Creek Conservation Area 74646 Regional Rd 45, Wellandport, ON L0R 2J0

It is the responsibility of the parents to drop off and pick up their child/children from the Dojo on the designated date and time for their camp.

What happens if I am late for the drop off time or when camp is finished and I cannot pick my child up at the pick up time?

We will have our cellular devices with us and please be in contact with us to let us know that you will be arriving late and we will make arrangements for someone to remain at the Dojo with your child/children.

There will be No Exceptions for anyone that is late. We understand that some families may live out of town and traffic conditions may develop. As such, we do have a tight schedule to keep for our arrival to camp. If you cannot make the drop off time, please call to let us know and you will then have to bring your child/children to Chippawa Creek Conservation Area 74646 Regional Rd 45, Wellandport, ON L0R 2J0

Can I pick up and Drop off my child from the Chippawa Creek Coservation Area?

Yes, you may pick up and drop off your child from the conservation area as long as we are made aware ahead of time. If you cannot pick them up at our time of departure, they will join us on the way back to the recreation center where you can then meet with them.

Where will my child be sleeping during the Summer Development Camp?

All campers will be divided into teams and will be assigned a camp leader. Each group will have their own designated tent unless the weather is unfavourable. At which point we will vacate the tents and set everyone up in the main tent where we will be dry and have most of our activities take place until the weather clears up.

Boys and Girls will be separated. Girl groups may have a male leader, but said leader will not be sharing tents with the girls.

Will my child be safe in the night time?

We completely understand that you may be concerned about your child during the night. Especially being so far away from home and family, we strive to create the most comfortable, fun and safe environment possible. We have fully trained staff on hand. Site wide checks will occur every 2 hours during the night. We will have a Full time RN present for the duration of the camp. We will have a full medical tent in the event of an emergency. We will have a very experience wilderness expert on site full time. All of our equipment and shelters are in excellent condition and are well cared for.

Where will my child go to use the bathroom and shower?

We will have a pavilion reserved for the duration of the camp which is equipped with hydro and water. There are also Boys & Girls Bathrooms and shower stalls there. Please ensure that you send your child with flip flops for the shower stalls. (Biodegradable soap and Shampoo will be provided.)

What will my child be doing during the Summer Development Camp?

7:00am – Polar dip(Optional) Morning Run
Wake up with a chilly jump in the lake to kickstart your energy for the day ahead!

8:00am – Breakfast!
Pancakes, cereal, Syrup, Fruit – What do YOU put in your breakfast bowl to keep you happy all day?9:00am – First Seminar - Campers will convene under the main tent for training. 

10:00am – All campers gather together on the field for games to kick off the day! Freeze tag, octopus, or something zany – it’s all on the table to bring the energy up!

11:00am - Accommodation Check-in (ensure that all our equipment and sleeping areas are neat and ready for the evening) 
12:00pm – Lunch Time
Taco? Hamburgers? Tasty Stir Fry? Hot Dogs? See what lunch has to offer! We often have various types of food to surprise your tummy!

1:00pm – Rest Hour, Cabin Cleanup and Tuck!
A chance to tidy up your space, grab a sweet treat, and kick back and relax! On extra hot days, ‘Solar Dip’ in the lake takes place during rest hour.

2:00pm – Second Seminar - Campers will convene under the main tent for training 
3:00pm - Snack & Interest choices give campers the chance to sign up for their afternoon activities. Maybe campers want something more relaxed – we have interest choices for that! Or they might want some upbeat fun – we have interest choices for that! Or maybe they’re looking to head out to the range for a hike – We have interest choices for that! Time to grab your water bottle and closed toed shoes and head out!

After a nutritious snack, campers move into their interest choice period where they can try out something new!

 4:00 –General Canoeing (under Instructor Supervision only), Ropes and Swimming, all our areas open up and campers can jump into whatever they would like to! Gathering a group of pals for a dip in the lake; or maybe you’d like to build your Sand Castle building skills and catch rays! Whatever your favourite activities are, campers will have 1-1.5 hours of free time each day to use our facilities in full!

5:30pm - Tidy up time and check in.

6:00pm – Dinner
I’m a fork, spoon, knife, spatula (cha-cha-cha)! Every meal at TEMA SDC kicks off with a song, and dinner is no different! Enjoy some spaghetti and garlic bread, vegetarian curry, or Mac & Cheese, Chicken and Rice, followed by tasty dessert! Dinner also starts off Evening Program with a skit to hint at the nightly theme.

7:00pm – After Dinner Free Time
As preparation takes place for Evening Program, the whole camp gathers on the upper playing field for some survival training. Campers might choose to join in on learning how to identify edible plants, or learn how to tie survival knots, or they may want to learn about water rescue or work on their wilderness skills even learn how to swim!

8:00pm – Evening Program
Everyone’s favourite time of day, evening program is when creativity, teamwork, and action shine! Some nights are active running games, some nights are creative story-driven strategy games, or theatre, dances, and nature-based exploration! Each night has a different theme and lots and lots of laughs!

8:30pm –  Snack & Check-In and evening fire / bedtimes
How would you like to wrap up the day with watching the sunset? Or gathering round a campfire and roasting marshmallows? Or having a dance party in the cabin? Each day, our campers have the chance to reflect on their days, connect with their cabin mates, and drift off to sleep. Bedtime varies based on camper age, with our youngest campers having lights out at 9:15pm, and our oldest campers heading to sleep at 10pm.

What benefits will my child receive from this program?

  • Campers learn to live, work and play cooperatively, to recognize and value each other’s strengths and learn from our differences

  • Provides opportunities for individual challenge and growth while expanding camper’s interests and helping them acquire new skills

  • Campers learn how to take responsibility and solve their own problems

  • Increases self-esteem, confidence and resiliency

  • Helps campers connect to nature

  • Fosters lifelong friendships and builds memories for a lifetime

  • Builds a culture of comradery  and stewardship.

What ages can participate?

Team Elite Martial Arts Day Summer Development Camp Program is geared towards children from 8 to 17/Grades 3 to 12 Some exceptions can be made for children that are younger depending on the individual needs of the child and maturity as we do have a tight schedule, younger children do require more attention.

What is the cost of the Summer Development Camp Program?

Alpha Camp - Kata/Sparring/Weapons

Thursday August 1st - 4th, 2023

Cost: 325.00 by July 26th, 2023

We will not be accepting registrations after this date.


If you have any other questions, requests or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Please contact us directly by phone for pick up areas.

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