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About Our Martial Arts Dojo

Education. Personal Improvement. Achievement.

We consider Karate as a journey because it takes the individual along the path of learning. There are many twists, turns and obstacles along the Karate way in mental, physical and spiritual aspects. It is a personal journey of challenges, self-improvement and self-discovery.


The length of the journey is up to you. It begins the moment you set foot inside the dojo and it could end the same day if you decide Karate is not for you. Or it could be a journey that could last a lifetime, as is the case for many of the Karate masters of today.


Many consider the ‘Black Belt’ to be the end of their journey. This is the result of lack of enlightenment from the student and will leave the student with only a fraction of the understanding they could have had. Like any other form of study, Karate although it has a defined beginning does not have a predetermined end. Personally once I gained the level of Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt), I wasn’t at the end of my study I was actually on the brink of a new path of learning and experiences as a Sensei. I realize now that some of the teachings my sensei gave me in preparation were vital to my being able to pass on the knowledge I had gained to my students.


There are numerous reasons on starting ones’ journey; exercise, self-defense, being bullied, sport, building confidence etc. There are also numerous reasons on ending ones’ journey; injury, family matters, school or work commitments- these are all priorities. This is not to say that Karate doesn’t require commitment. On the contrary, it requires regular training and dedication increasing at every level. Remember Karate is not necessarily for everyone- just like boxing, running, swimming, cycling or any other exercise based activity. So on your journey be mindful of these things and no matter how long your journey you will always be able to take with you the knowledge you have attained along your way.

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