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Why Should You Consider Cardio Kickboxing?

If you're looking for a fun way to exercise and still lose weight, then cardio kickboxing is for you. It combines cardio and strength training, toning muscles while burning fat.

What Is Cardio Kickboxing?

Cardio kickboxing is a full-body workout the combines martial arts with cardio. Can we let you in on a little secret? If you’re looking for an effective exercise that quickly transforms your body, then cardio kickboxing is your best option.

It combines cardio and strength training, toning muscles while burning fat. Cardio kickboxing involves rapid movements which aid in improving your balance, coordination, flexibility and reflexes. Studies reveal that you can burn between 350 and 450 calories per hour from cardio kickboxing.

Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing

Wondering if cardio kickboxing is for you? Well, the answer is yes! If you want to burn calories, improve your heart health and stamina, Cardio kickboxing is a great fitness choice for you. And no, you don't need to be a martial art or boxing expert to engage in it. If you are looking to shakeup your current exercise routine and want something along the lines of a High Intensity Interval Training, then you should join a cardio kickboxing class.

Below are 6 great benefits of cardio kickboxing:

1. Your whole body is working

If you’re looking for a complex full-body workout, cardio kickboxing is what you need. Since different muscles will be put to work and it involves a lot of punching, squatting, kicking, and shifting your balance from one side to the other in fighting stance, you get a proper full-body workout at the end.

2. Improves the health of your heart

Cardio kickboxing increases your heart rate, making it easy for blood to flow through your body. In the long run, this improves your blood pressure and regular cardio kickboxing can help reduce your chances of heart-related diseases.

woman running on bleachers increases heart rate

3. Build muscle

Cardio kickboxing is a full-body workout and as such, it will tone your entire body. The more you exercise, the more you begin to feel your lower and body muscles tone and take up a good shape.

4. Improve your mental health

In a world where almost everything is stress-induced, you need to find ways to deal with your daily stressors. COVID-19 has been a stressful time where many people are struggling with depression and anxiety. Bad days are inevitable, but studies have proven that exercise is an all-natural treatment to help fight depression. High-intensity exercises like kickboxing will help you produce endorphins (known as the feel good chemical).

woman outdoor fitness by water

5. Burn Calories

Cardio Kickboxing is a high-intensity, high-impact workout that will have you constantly in motion. Since your heart rate will be raised throughout your session, you'll burn calories. However, the number of calories burned depends on your intensity levels and individual characteristics.

6. Increases Coordination

Cardio kickboxing also helps improve your reflexes and coordination. During a cardio kickboxing class, you'll perform some moves that will test your coordination skills. This can be anything from squatting to shifting your weight from side to side. All these will improve your flexibility, balance, posture and mobility.

You should wear comfortable workout clothes and shoes when attending a cardio kickboxing class. You should also go with water and a small towel. To reap the health benefits from a cardio kickboxing fitness class, check out our schedule and join us for a class.

cardio kickboxing in gym

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