Thoughts and Prayers

At Team Elite Martial Arts, We would like to thank all of our front line workers for all their sacrifice and commitment during this pandemic. It is with great appreciation to thank as well the medical teams that are not directly on the front line, but are responsible for supporting our front line directly.

Please accept our deepest sympathies for the families that are experiencing hardships and losses from the current pandemic. We understand that things may have been difficult prior to Covid 19, and now thing may feel impossible. Know that you are not alone and we as a community will thrive again. We are doing our part to try and be supportive to our community by doing our part where or whenever we can.


Be the change.

Community Support


We have decided to during the time of our closure to continue to teach classes online for free. We will continue to offer the online classes at no charge in an effort to help those at home stay healthier through physical training and attitude improvement. You can visit us on Facebook to view our online classes.

As we begin our reopening we will be following the rules of 5 or less for a gathering. Although this is a private establishment, we are going to adhere to the current recommendations from our governments in order to maintain safety for our community. 

How our classes will run?


Instructors will be wearing gloves and masks during training sessions. We will have staff members to indicate any necessary body changes during training without making any physical contact. Instructors will also maintain a distance of 2 meters during training sessions. Classes will consist of no more than 10 Students at a time.


Students will be required to attend classes on their designated day and time slot. Each week the schedule will be updated and posted, so please note what date and time your training session is for yourself or family member.

Students will also adhere to the following protocol as per TEMA requirements

  1. All students will have used the bathroom facility at home prior to attending classes.

  2. All students will be dressed in proper karate attire for class. Unless you are a new student.

  3. All students will arrive 15 minutes early than their scheduled session.

  4. All students will have a bag to put their shoes in once they arrive at the dojo. The bagged shoes can then be placed on the shoe racks. (Plastic grocery bag will suffice)

  5. Once all students have arrived the door not be accessible during class time. If you are late for class the door will not be answered until the end of the training session as we do not have a waiting area. Please be prompt and on time for classes.

  6. All Students will be required to then use hand sanitize as the enter the mats located on the stair railing.

  7. Once on the mats you will proceed to your designated Blue area and remain in your area at all times and will not leave the area without permission from your instructor.

  8. During instructions students will be allowed to ask questions and are not required to wear a mask unless desired. Masks will not be made available to students from TEMA.

  9. Once training session is completed, students are to remain on the mats until an Instructor calls them to gather their belonging.

  10. Once all belongings have been collected, you will be required to use hand sanitizer upon exiting the dojo located to the right of the door.

Class Times

Class times will be limited to 40 minutes. Class will begin at the bottom of every hour finishing after your 40 minute training session. Classes must be pre booked by 1 week. We will not have the ability to accommodate any drop in students at this time. Please keep updated with the class schedule that will be emailed once a week. If you are not on our mailing list, or would like to register for classes, please contact us via email or phone.


All students will be escorted off the mats and the high traffic areas will be sanitized and the entire mat area will be sanitized.

Arriving at the Dojo

Upon arrival at the dojo, please ensure that you are social distancing in the parking lot. I understand that some of the parents would like to see their family member training. This will not be possible for the time being. Once social distancing restrictions are lifted, perhaps at that time we can have viewers again in the dojo. One student at a time will escorted into the dojo by an instructor.

For those who plan to remain outside during the training session, please adhere to social distances protocols. 

Leaving the dojo

Once your family member has finished class, they will be escorted outside one at a time. So please be ready to receive your child on time as the dojo mats have to be sanitized in between sessions and we will not be able to accommodate anyone left behind. I would encourage you to remain at the dojo during the training session to ensure and easy transition in between training sessions.