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Day Camp Program at Team Elite Martial Arts


Starting March 23rd 2020 to April 3rd 2020, Team Elite Martial Arts will commence an after school program for school children from JK – Grade 8.

This program will through out the 2 week period during the school closure due to the Covid 19 outbreak.


The children will partake in am training routine upon arrival to the training facility. Once all students have completed their morning training, we will move onto our first daily lesson plan geared around Mathematics and Science. After this session will have our first nutrition break.


We will then have an Arts and Crafts Session followed by the daily clean up and then a Karate Lesson. Each day of the week focuses on a different aspect of karate. Each class begins with fitness training then moving on to the daily lesson.


Once class is complete students will have their second nutrition break followed by some free time in our learning centre which will allow students time to work on homework or provided work from parents.


FAQ’s for Team Elite Martial Arts Day Camp Program


What is your facility doing to lower the risk of contracting the Covid 19 Outbreak?

The school board had decided that a 2 week period after the March break is necessary due in part largely to lower the risk of spreading the virus. We can all assume that some families will be travelling during the break and based on the recommendations of health care professionals, should you encounter Covid 19 you will have to self Isolate for 14 days.

We will be taking this into consideration as anyone who had travelled outside of Canada During the last 2 weeks, will not be allowed to attend the program. NO EXCEPTIONS. Having said this, the facility bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized every 2 hours to avoid the spread of germs or bacteria. Common hand contact areas will be wiped every hour such as had rails, door knobs and etc. We have hand sanitization stations throughout the floor area where people spend most of their time.

It will be required by all people entering and exiting the training facility to use hand sanitizer to reduce the risk of spreading anything.

Should any child develop flu like symptoms, parents will be contacted and they will be asked to return home in an effort to keep every as safe as possible. We will provide reimbursement for anyone that is sent home. For anyone that has to be sent home, they will have an area where to self isolate until they are picked up by their parents or approved guardian.

When is the Day Camp Program?

The Day Camp program runs Monday to Friday from 3:30 am to 3:30pm. The Day Camp program will only be run during designated dates.


What should I send with my child to the Day Camp Program?

We strongly recommend that you send lots of water and proper nutrition. We would like to encourage parents to limit the amount of sugar that is in your children's drinks and lunches. They should be wearing appropriate attired to be doing high movement exercises. Jeans and Khakis are not permitted. We suggest that everyone has pants that will not fall down while running. An extra T-shirt would be a good idea due to the amount of perspiration that will occur during training. And anything else that your child may need for themselves. 

I cannot drop my kids off to the Day Camp Program, is there transportation provided?

Yes, we will offer pick up for your child from areas within 5 km Radius of our training facility.  The cost of the pick up is 6.50/child. Rates will vary based on multiple pickups from one household, and or the time. Last pick up is scheduled at 8 am. These pick ups are limited, so please book in advanced. Once we pick up your child they will be dropped off at our training facility where they will partake in the Day Camp Program. 


What happens after Day camp is finished and I cannot pick my child up at the dismissal time?

There will be space for your child to remain at the training facility until your are available to pick them up. The cost for them to remain after the camp is a daily charge of 5 dollars until the time of 5:30 pm. After this time additional charges will apply.


What will my child be doing after class while they are waiting for me to pick them up?

The students will have some free time to do homework or what ever the parents may wish to provide them with. We encourage Phonics with our program mainly focusing on reading and mathematics. We also have computer access for students so they may complete online work if necessary.


What benefits will my child receive from this program?

  • Your child will have a large advantage due in part to the daily attendance to classes.

  • Having a regular daily routine will instil discipline and focus

  • Daily exercise and training to improve eye hand coordination, speed, strength, cardio, flexibility.

  • Regular discussion about social issues in school and society around the subject of anti-bullying techniques and training on how to deal with bullying situations

  • Increased mental focus from improving on confidence, discipline, physical shape, mental conditioning.

  • Learning about the culture of karate in a fun and compassionate way with Team Elite Martial Arts. At Team Elite Martial Arts, we focus on being the change we want to see in others. To lead by example is the only way to be at peace with your actions.


My child is being bullied at school. I feel its getting worse. Can your program help our situation?

Bullying is a known and ongoing problem for children of all ages.  At Team Elite Martial Arts, we take the time to empower your child about themselves and others. We have seen in the past where children that have been bullied for years. These students have increased their self esteem and confidence to deal with bullying issues in a peaceful and appropriate way. Essentially we teach them how to stand up for themselves in a humble manner.


Is this a Daycare Program?

We are not offering a daycare program. This program is an opportunity for your child to partake in an art known as Goju Ryu Karate Do. Through this program they will be offered sport training and have the opportunity to explore all aspects of sport Karate. Most of our team members only attend their classes twice a week or perhaps a couple days more depending on their membership. Your child will have the opportunity to train five days a week allowing them to further their training faster. With the time they will be spending at the dojo on a weekly basis they will be able train in all disciplines of a master. Have the extra time with the Dojo Renshi, students will understand how to set goal, practice humility, how to feel good about themselves, how to focus mentally and physically, how to defend themselves and others, improved sports skills, fitness training techniques and anti-bullying awareness.


What ages can participate?

Team Elite Martial Arts Day Camp Program is geared towards children from JK – Grade 8. Some exceptions can be made for children that are in other grades depending on the needs of the family.


When Do I need to pick up my child?

We encourage you to try to make it to the facility no later than 3:30. We understand that this is not always possible due to work demands or even commuting demands. Children must be pickup no later that 5:30pm, unless they are enrolled in our Karate Programs and have a scheduled class that day.


What areas can you pick up from?

The schools that are in the pick up areas are within the boundary of our pick up routes. The routes are contained within the following areas. Downtown central area, East and West Hamilton mountain areas North of Rymal Rd.


What is the cost of the Day Camp Program?


In an effort to assist parents and families during the school closure, we are offering promotional rates for this camp.

Cost for the Day Camp Program is as follows;


Non Member Cost: 

45.00/day (excluding weekends) or 200.00/week (Monday to Friday)


Member Cost

35.00/day (excluding weekends) or 150.00/week (Monday to Friday)

Prices do not include HST.

If you have any other questions, requests or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Please contact us directly by phone for pick up areas.